Taking care of your shoes

The life and comfort of your shoes depends on regularly looking after them.

Here is a small overview on how to look after your shoes depending on their material:
Clean the shoes and polish them regularly with a polish of the same colour as the leather or a clear polish if the colour does not exist. This is, in effect, to nourish the leather and revive the colours. Also remember to waterproof them regularly to protect from water, oil and any other forms of dirt.
Use a polish specific to this type of oily leather: it nourishes and revives the colour whilst keeping its matte finish.
Before anything, waterproof these two materials, to protect them from the rain but also to avoid any marks from staining the material.

Clean the suede and nubuck with a brush or a rubber eraser. 

It is also possible to revive the colours using liquid polishes adapted for these two materials, conserving their velvety finish. These products exist in a large assortment of colours. If certain stains are stubborn, a special shampoo designed for nubuck and suede can be used.
Synthetic shoes require special care. Remove the dirt with a soft cloth. You can use a solvent-free, specifically designed, product to take care of your shoes, which will give you great protection.
Use a product specifically meant for patent materials; they get rid of grease and renew their shine.
These patent materials should never be waterproofed.
Metallised leather shoes can be polished with a clear polish or a polish of the same colour in order to hide any eventual scratches. 

These materials should never be waterproofed.
Fabric shoes are easy to take care of; to remove stubborn stains, they can be washed with a soft brush and a mild shampoo: washing in a machine is not recommended because it can cause the shoe to deteriorate. Fabric shoes must always be waterproofed.
For shoes made from different materials, use a 3-in-1 product that cleans, revives the colours and waterproofs.

Tips & Tricks

Never dry shoes next to a heat source. Drying shoes too quickly will harden the leather and cause it to become fragile.  

Before using any leather cleaning products, test a small amount on a non-visible area.  

Never keep leather articles in plastic bags for a long period of time because the leather must be able to breathe.  

Cleaning: firstly, remove the worst of the dirt with a shoe brush.  

Then, apply the care product, leave it to dry and then rub smooth leathers to make them shine, or brush suede and nubuck to revive their velvety finish.  

Shoe trees are designed to maintain the shape of shoes; and untreated wooden shoe trees absorb the humidity.  

Leather shoes hold in the humidity from your feet when you wear them. To get rid of this, you must leave the shoes for 24 hours.  

Insoles provide comfort. They are pleasantly cool during the Summer, and maintain the body heat in Winter.